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ROCHESTER, NY, February 2021 – For companies and individuals alike 2020 proved to be a trying year as we worked through the challenges of operating in an economic recession brought about by a global pandemic. Fortunate companies, like local staffing firm Fast Tracking Solutions, were able to dig deep and focus on what makes their business unique while set themselves up for exponential growth in 2021.

It goes without saying but 2020 was a difficult year for individuals, families and business alike. Many of us turned to our friends, relatives and communities for support as we weathered 2020 while keeping a wishful eye on 2021 as we hoped for more stability in the new year. The staffing and recruiting industry played witness to the economic shuttering that occurred in Q2 of last year firsthand as firms watched companies across industries pull back on hiring and staffing plans. As sales softened and service-based revenue plummeted the staffing and recruiting industry was directly impacted along with so many others. Many companies, rightly so, focused on reducing overhead and tightening discretionary spending across all divisions while relaying on the CARES act to provide a life raft to see them through the storm.

Fortunate companies were able to use 2020 as a year of reflection and building. Local firm, Fast Tracking Solutions, was able to use this shock to the industry to refocus on their core values and build a foundation that not only allowed them to close 2020 well ahead of forecast but create a strategic growth plan to exponentially build on that success in 2021.

So how do you face a challenge like COVID head on and turn it into an opportunity to ultimately grow your business? According to FTS CEO, Thomas Carpitella, a Rochester native, you focus on knowing who you are as a company, execution and building the foundation for scale. “We were incredibly fortunate to find significant success in 2020 despite all of the turmoil.” Says Carpitella. “For us, it was a time to really take a step back and double down on who we want to be for the community and who we are as a company. Our experience throughout the last year has helped put everything into perspective for us and at the end of the day, for me, it’s about sticking to our collective vision every single day no matter what. We’re rolling into 2021 with so much clarity and momentum, and it will be incredibly exciting to see it all come to life.”

For FTS, 2020 was a year of building, in all sense of the word. In order to prepare for the inevitable bounce back of hiring budgets and project ramp-up’s they focused on building the right team to support their clients anticipated needs, building a culture doctrine in which to live by and by securing a new office to bring the community together when restrictions eventually lift. Reinvesting back into the business while focusing on execution amidst an economic downturn wasn’t easy but one, they are expecting to see significant benefits from as early as Q1 of 2021.

With 2021 annual planning behind them, FTS now turns to the ever-important task of executing on key initiatives and success drivers for the business. The team has laid out an aggressive goal of increasing internal head count by over 70% as they set out to continue to build their recruiting, business development and operations teams. “Our success this year will be a result of our internal hiring efforts.” says Jennifer Thistle, Head of Growth and Strategy. “It’s about more than finding top talent, it’s about putting the right people in the rights seats and empowering them to do their best work. If we can do that, everything else will fall into place.”

Supporting that growth will come with its own challenges but FTS is committed to fueling that growth right here in Downtown Rochester. The company has recently doubled the size of their Headquarters by relocating to a space on North Goodman Street, directly across from Village Gate. But they won’t stop there. FTS will have successfully opened their second office located downtown in the heart of downtown Syracuse by April.

With so many of us still (or back) working from home and remaining distant from our once present social circles and communities, it feels good to know that a company, whose sole focus is connecting people and building real relationships, will continue to succeed in 2021, despite the challenges of 2020.


Fast Tracking Solutions was founded in 2015 by Thomas Carpitella and is currently the fastest growing staffing and recruiting firm across Upstate NY. FTS specializes in recruiting in the technology, finance and construction sectors across New York State and North America. The company also participates in Pledge 1% and One Tree Planted. For inquiries, please visit