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Careers - FTS, Inc.


We’re always looking for people that want to take their lives to the next level.

Our Core Virtues


Be Yourself



Think “Better”

Our Mission

Create Value. Build Partnerships. Accelerate Growth. Inspire Change.

Take a look at our Culture Deck to learn more about how things are done at FTS, how we think as individuals and our philosophies as an organization.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Always be your true self at work.

FTS strongly believes in the importance of having diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives in the workplace. We feel that having a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture allows us to build real relationships with our candidates, clients, colleagues, and our entire community. We additionally believe DEI fuels true innovation, and our Core Virtue, Think “Better.” We are firmly committed to creating a work environment where our team can feel comfortable being our true selves every single day.


Apply to one of our internal positions today!

Accounting & Professional Services Recruiter (All Experience Levels)

Rochester, NY (FTS HQ)

Technical Recruiter (All Experience Levels)

Rochester, NY (FTS HQ)

Client Services Manager

Rochester, NY (FTS HQ)

Client Services Manager

Buffalo, NY

Client Services Manager

Syracuse, NY

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