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Recruiting solutions in key industries

Accounting, Finance & Professional Services

Our accounting, finance and professional services experts deeply understand the nuances of these critical operational functions.


After years of success in residential construction, our team brings the best in the industry to the table. We can also help you navigate the changing hiring landscape and market trends nationwide.


Our industry knowledge and experience enable us to find the right technical skillset and culture-fits for your growing development and engineering teams.

Local roots, national impact.

We combine our deep local knowledge with a comprehensive understanding of national
trends, industry dynamics, and cutting-edge technology to connect partners with top-tier
talent. With our proprietary recruiting process and a focus on excellence, we are
equipped to provide tailored recruiting solutions that meet the unique requirements of
our neighbors and businesses nationwide, driving success wherever they are located.

Why choose FTS as your staffing partner?






Our bespoke process is meticulously crafted to ensure we leave no stone unturned in our relentless pursuit of the best talent for your organization.


Our People

Our team is a collective of unique and driven individuals. Our collaborative environment nurtures personal growth and a deep commitment to our clients’ initiatives and goals. We believe that our job is only considered successful when we help you achieve your goals.

Our Experience

Our team is an assembly of seasoned professionals, each equipped with profound expertise in the industries we passionately serve.

Our Results

Results are the true testament of our capabilities. Our exponential growth is a direct reflection of our commitment to delivering outstanding results. Meticulously crafted processes, a thriving culture, and extensive experience converge to create a bespoke experience that continuously entices our partners to return.

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